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We are a very small office, yet we are treated like their only account. We could not be happier with their services. Thank you


Sierra Vista, AZ

NO better service

Through Fastrack Medical Billing, we found out that we were under coding on a majority of our office charges. Fastrack provided us with the exact rules and regulations. This increased our revenue and made us feel secure about the payments we are receiving 


Montebello, CA

coding problems

Our highest paying contract had not been renegotiated in 10 years. Fastrack Medical Billing took the time to renegotiate at a better rate. We are very pleased with their services


Murrieta, CA

Contract Negotiations

Fastrack Medical Billing got our practice back on track. They have been rensponsive to each problem we had. They treated us with care and handled the transition from our previous billing company with the upmost professionalism. I can truly say we would have closed our office had we not found them. 


Los Angeles, CA

Responsive and Caring

Our Departments

Help is on the way!

Fastrack Medical Billing Inc. combines the greatest in human resources, software, and technology, producing one of the most efficient assets to your company. 


We strive to create and maintain a smart and cost-effective system that provides excellent advantages to your medical practice (best medical billing california).


You can always count on comprehensive follow-up from our staff of professionals, as well as complete commitment to the success of your organization.


All medical practices have unique problems that need unique solutions. With Fastrack Medical Billing at your side, we do our best to ensure your cash flow will be smooth and continuous allowing you far more time to devote to your patients.

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What Information Is Protected

HIPAA violations can be expensive!


The cost of HIPPA violations will depend on the level of negligence and can range from $100 to $50,000 per incident.


We will protect all medical records in association with your practice and patients.


Our system has HIPAA compliant security. HIPAA compliance is a top priority for us.

about HIPPA compliance

No confusing payment schedules!

The cost of our services at Fastrack Medical Billing Inc. is based on a percentage of the revenue we collect.


If we don’t collect, you don’t pay.


This ensures maximum revenue for your business! 

about If we don't collect YOU DON'T PAY



With over 50 years of experience, Fastrack Medical Billing knows where the industry has come from and where it is going.


As the healthcare industry is ever changing, it is important that your medical billing company has the appropriate knowledge base to pull from.


Over the years, we have perfected our medical billing process and always stand ready for the next change.


One simple change can lead to the destruction of your revenue flow.


Let Fastrack Medical Billing's experience be a solid foundation for your medical practice.

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FASTRACK Founder Biography

FASTRACK Founder Biography

Thousands more revenue using our billing services

Thousands more revenue using our billing services

FASTRACK specializes in insurance claim filling

FASTRACK specializes in insurance claim filling

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